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S M I L E  U S A® Center for Educational  Excellence Study Club

About AAID

                       The American Dental Academy of Implant Dentistry provides many educational opportunities. Continuing education courses are offered at every level of expertise for generalists and specialists. Whether you are a practitioner who performed all phases of implant treatment or a member of a team, a newcomer to implant dentistry or an experienced professional you can find something oriented for you.

In addition, the AAID offers a proven  credentialing program. The Associate  Fellow and Fellow Credentials are a testament to excellence in implant dentistry. The examinations for these   credentials are available to dentists who meet the educational and experiential requirements.

Through our meetings, continuing educations course opportunities and credentialing program, the Academy provides dentists with valuable experiences that help expand expertise in implant dentistry.

The Study Club:

                          Dental study clubs provide a major opportunity for dentists to meet with other dentists and dental team members and to learn in a friendly environment. They offer members the opportunity to increase their knowledge of and

clinical skills in new concepts , materials, techniques and devices.

Download brochure to know more about our upcoming program for 2018

    Benefits :

     1. Prestige of learning from an AAID sponsored local study group

     2. AGD continuing education credits provided by the Smile USA, The Center for Educational   Excellence

     3. As a member you can present cases from practice to the Study Club for presentation, discussion and suggestions for               treatment options

     4. As a member you will receive a discount on AAID national membership (Smile USA, The Center for Educational               Excellence- AAID Study Club 1st year  fee is $295) a savings of $100.00

     5. Certificate of Participation from the AAID

Increase your  referrals by educating your patients to the benefits of implant dentistry

   Study Club Subject Matter:

     · Basic and Advanced Implant Surgery

     · Basic and Advanced Prosthodontics

     · Restorative & Esthetic Dentistry

     · Occlusion & Rehabilitation Principles


  Dates:  ( Dates are subject to change)

             October 19th 2017 

             December 20th  2017

             February 21st 2018 

             May 30th 2018 

            August 15th 2018            


             ·  Esthetics & Rehabilitation

             · Legal Consideration

             · Pain Management

             · Oral Medicine

             · Removable Prosthetics

             · Minor Oral Surgery

             · Perio for General Practitioners

             · Treatment Planning

  Location: Akbar Restaurant

                  21 Cortlandt St.

                  Edison, NJ 08837


   Registration:   6:00 pm  - 6:30 pm

   Lecture :          6:30 pm -  9: 30 pm 

   Credits: 3 hours of CE  awarded

   Member fee: $350 U.S.

   Session fee: $95 U.S

  Director: Dr. Shankar Iyer

  Treasurer & Secretary: Dr. Preeti Iyer

  Executive Administrator: Terri Barker

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