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Comprehensive Dental Implant Programs

Enroll for our limited seat hands-on customized implant programs for the beginner, intermediate and advanced dental implant clinicians across the globe!

 Upon successful completion of the Basic Implant Placement and Restoration Course participants will be able to:

  • Determine clinical scenarios and appropriate candidates for single implant treatment.

  • Develop a dental implant treatment plan.

  • Prepare the surgical site for the placement of a single implant.

  • Select and place the optimal implant type for the surgical site.

  • Select the correct prosthetic components for implant restoration.

  • Take impressions for single-tooth prosthesis.

  • Design the implant- screw retained/cemented/cross-pinned prosthesis.

This Course Includes all materials , work-ups , scans, instrumentation and One on One faculty training.

Courses across the globe!

Upcoming class in 2018

Download brochure to know more about our successful past program of 2016 at Chennai!


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